History of Women's Clothing Sizes February 11, 2016 02:39

So looking forward to the day when the powers that be in the fashion industry would come up with a proper reliable universal size chart. It would make a buyer's job much easier by helping us take the guess work out of figuring out what UK, French, Italian sizing is, in comparison to our North American sizing, which again differs from label to label.
In the meantime, here's a good read on the mind boggling women's sizing in clothes, some of which I had studied back in fashion history.
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Library of Congress
"All dresses shall consist only of cloth sufficient for the body basic and the trimming allowance. The trimming allowance for non-transparent materials shall be limited to 700 square inches for all sizes, in excess of that required for the basic," reads WPB (War Production Board) order L-85 as amended